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LEARN AT LUNCH (free event): Soft Skills for technical experts

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Are you a highly-qualified IT professional feeling left behind in your workplace? You're talented, energetic and motivated to succeed, yet find yourself missing out on promotions and opportunities that go to others lacking your qualifications and technical expertise.

We hear you. It can be hard to make sense that you were told technology was the future so you invested heavily in a degree at university, only to find now that your job is likely to be automated or replaced by a robot. It’s clear in this new economy that while technical expertise is very important, it is no longer enough to ensure success. These hard skills need to be supplemented by soft skills. 

In this session, Dr Maree Harris leads a discussion on why technical experts need to now invest in complementing their expertise with soft skills development to advance their careers. She will open up discuss a range of different ways for technical experts to do so, and techniques to help their careers flourish as a result.


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Dr Maree Harris, Ph.D. is a facilitator of mpowered Leadership, transforming people’s lives as a speaker, coach, mentor, author and thought leader. She empowers organisations and individuals to manage the exponential change that produces the uncertainty, unpredictability, complexity and volatility that disrupt their business operations, their professional and personal lives and challenges their expectations of success.

Dr Harris has spent the past decade developing and enhancing the soft skills of professionals. She’s the author of sold-out book Soft Skills – The Hard Stuff of Success - which will soon be available as an e-book on Amazon.

Learn more about Maree here.


BYO Vegemite sandwich (or whatever delight you’ve packed for lunch) and come along to the Workshop for a free opportunity to learn new skills and info in your lunch break. We’ve rounded up a series of passionate people ready to share their knowledge and experience in their area of expertise in a relaxed and engaging setting - much better than a quick bite behind the desk. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to chat, ask questions and engage in discussions with the speaker and fellow guests. And, if you think you’ve got some interesting skills or knowledge to pass on, get in touch with us about hosting your own Learn at Lunch at The Impact Workshop by emailing

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