Our Story

We believe in the power of small to medium business to enact real change in the community, from providing local jobs to delivering beyond the bottom line. There is currently a growing shift occurring in business, with leaders beginning to recognise the vast number of stakeholders who are impacted by their decisions. We are seeing the rise of BCorp business in Australia, a Conscious Capitalism movement and a shift to social enterprise models adopted by businesses such as Thankyou Water, Who Gives a Crap and 5am Diaries. Impact Workshop aims to champion this movement in the Geelong region, offering a compelling and active space to learn, connect and grow business integrity together.

Supported by Impact Investment Group


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Our impact will be:

The space is designed to provide a space for members to connect and get to know each other. Regularly programmed events and activities add value to the space by improving health and wellness, supporting collaboration, and providing opportunities for personal and professional development.


Increasing social connection and providing a welcoming space for all people, supporting social entrepreneurs to give their whole selves to their work.

The new business economy thrives on playing to strengths and taking pride in helping others to succeed.

Fostering a culture of cooperation, because people go further, faster when they work together.

encouraging people to contribute to issues greater than themselves.

By championing the business culture shift seen in movements like BCorp and Conscious Capitalism, the Impact Workshop will provide opportunities for members and the broader Geelong community to engage and learn about how they can contribute to issues greater than themselves.

Impact Workshop will foster an internal marketplace and member networking to get more members supporting each other and working together.

allowing for collaboration and collective impact.